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September 02, 2021

5 Benefits of Senior Companionship


Does your senior’s face light up when you come for a visit? Could they spend hours chatting and running errands just to get out of the house and have little social interaction? Providing the senior care your loved one deserves can be difficult if it’s all falling on your shoulders because you have your own life and schedule to balance.


“The role reversal that happens as your parent ages can be difficult on everyone in your family. As you step into the role of caregiver, you may feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Scott Houghton, Director of Home Care Services. “Providing your loved one with a senior companion as a part of your home health care strategy can yield positive outcomes for your aging loved one and for your own family.”

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If you’re looking to hire a companion in Seattle, Fedelta’s caregivers are here to provide all the support and attention your loved one needs. Here are five benefits of hiring a senior companion. 

1. Hiring a Senior Companion Improves Your Loved One’s Mental Health

If your senior is spending long periods of time alone, there’s a good chance they may be lonely. Prolonged loneliness can lead to serious mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, “dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.” A senior companion can provide your loved one with scheduled social interactions that’ll ward off loneliness. Even a weekly visit is enough to improve your senior’s mental health, because having someone’s undivided attention will give your senior something to look forward to. 

2. A Senior Companion Keeps Your Loved One Physically Active

Depending on the health and fitness of your senior, you may not want him or her to leave the house alone. A senior companion can accompany your senior on outings to the park or even just for a walk around the block, therefore encouraging your senior to be more physically active. This can reap great benefits for your senior’s overall health, since staying physically active after 65 reduces the risk of falls. 

3. A Senior Companion Gives Your Loved One a Greater Sense of Independence 

Is your loved one frustrated that they have to wait for you in order to run simple errands because they need someone to help with various parts of the trip? There can be a lot of reasons that it’s difficult for your loved one to navigate seemingly simple tasks alone, like an inability to drive, loss of hearing, or difficulty carrying all of their groceries. A senior companion can give your loved one a greater sense of independence because they won’t have to wait for you in order to get tasks done. With errands out of the way, you’ll actually get to spend more quality time with your loved one when you’re together. 

4. A Senior Companion Can Provide Support After the Loss of a Loved One

Losing someone that your senior saw regularly, like a spouse, sibling, or best friend, can be a very difficult time of transition. It’s an emotionally charged period, especially if you, as the caregiver, were also close to the person who passed. A senior companion can help with the grieving process by providing support, a listening ear and company. Whether your senior needs someone to reminisce with or just a friend to watch TV next to, a senior companion can help. 

5. With a Senior Companion, Home Health Care Isn’t Only Your Responsibility

There are so many benefits of senior companionship for your loved one, but there are also a lot of benefits for you, as the primary caregiver. A senior companion can aid in home health care. . Having someone else around to help with meal prep and shopping for your senior can take a “to-do” item off of your plate. You also may find that you’re more comfortable with your senior staying at home, knowing that there’s someone else to care for them. You’ll have more hours in a day to take care of yourself, making it easier for you to care for your loved one. 

Finding a senior companion that your loved one connects with might not happen right away. Be patient and make adjustments until you find the right match.

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